Saturday, June 2, 2012

No Bid City

To Bid or Not To Bid that is the question, or at least it should be!

When it comes to what should be put out for bid the answer is real clear. 

  • Anything over $20,000

When it comes to why we haven’t put something out for bid, the answers on the other hand are a bit ridiculous:

No Bid, Fire trucks:

  • Private donation so no need for bidding
  • Specific Patented Items

No Bid Gas:

  • Now KING TOMMY is making the claim that Gas is not a product, it’s a service!

I guess that’s why it was called a “Service Station” back in the day!

So I it would stand to reason that “Gas” is a product if it is produced!

The King did however give an excuse with some merit:

  • “This is not someone I brought in new. They were here for many previous administrations,” Leighton said

True enough, the King didn’t hire a new buddy. He just gave his old buddy a free pass to not publicly, openly, and honestly earn the cities business through the bid process.

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  1. See Ray Arellano post in just saying. Very well explained, which debunks his "nibs" interpretation of why no bids on fuel??

  2. Even if bids were required, bids can be rigged. When a buddy wants a job, job qualifications can be written so that only the chosen one qualifies. Politicians have been sticking it to the constituents for so long that they know all the catch phrases, and all the patent answers. Voters have been insensitive to the penetration for so long that they feel it is a natural occurrence. Wake Up and smell the Roses!!!

  3. Ray is usually RIGHT ON with these things, and once again he nailed it. A Bid for product is required, and you are right they can be, and are rigged from time to time, but that in itself isn't grounds for not bidding altogether.


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