Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Round 1 Taxpayers

From a distance it may look like The King has been defeated, but I assure you this is only Round 1.

The Times leader, and Citizens Voice are reporting

And citizens are breathing a bit easier, but remember folks this is King Tommy we're talking about, and when have we ever known him to be out maneuvered by “the average Joe” unless it involves missing credit card statements?  

You may remember The King held a Closed Door meeting Monday night where he told the parking authority 
  • “I don’t give a F**K what you do, I will win this WAR”

  • War the King said, are we “the city” at war, and if so with whom?
  • Is it the parking authority that is the enemy here? 
  • Or is it that pesky taxpayers group, that seems to think it has the right to ask questions of its own government?
  • I mean really what are folks in this town drinking, to think they are entitled to know where your tax dollars are going! 

I wonder what the King meant by “I will win this war”?

  • My money is on the war the King is fighting, fending off the cities creditors!
  • We can’t keep refinancing!
  • We are broke, and if we do as many cities have done, and file Distressed City Status we will be subject to the governors audit, and I am also betting the governor won’t accept the standard “we don’t have the records” response citizens get when they ask to see the books.  

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  1. I was always taught that as quick as you are to condemn, you should also be quick to praise. Thank you to the Five Board members that stood their ground, and acted in the best interest of us the taxpayers that pay the freight.

    As more and more of our Council, and Boards speak their minds, and think freely we will have better governance. At the moment we have to move over and see what the School Board will do with the funding cuts?

    If they value the position they hold, and want to be there after the next election, they had not even utter the "T" word.......jus sayin


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