Friday, April 26, 2013

LAG Investigation move beyond KING’s authority!

According to an ongoing I-Team investigation, multiple agencies are now investigating LAG, from their alleged questionable business practices.  

Mayor Thomas Leighton refused to say if he had testified before any grand jury that's said to be investigating Glodzik. Leighton reiterated the city was continuing to conduct its review of complaints made against Glodzik. He had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but has since failed to return calls for comment.

  • Sources have told Wake Up Wilkes Barre that the King has already been to Scranton, and he has sung like a bird. So now would be time for Leo to turn or burn.

The King told The Citizens Voice, and Times Leader 

"The investigation on our side is ongoing, and whether other law enforcement agencies are conducting (one), we're not made privy to that information," Leighton said.

“When we gather all our facts and we’re comfortable with the decision that we will make, whether it’s in a positive or negative way affecting either party, it will be made,” he said.

The mayor added he expects Glodzik to pay in full next Wednesday. Referring to the May 1st payment of $50,050.00 LAG is required to pay the city, for their exclusive right to rape and pillage both residents, and guests of our city, while city police look the other way, driving LAG vehicles and swilling LAG champagne.

Well let’s look at the $50,050.00 for a second, Leo can’t pay his mortgage, he's so behind on his child support that the Kings brother is negotiating a deal to lower his domestic relations obligation, and yet he still manages to have the cash to gamble nightly, bribe city police, offer campaign contributions to the King, and pay $50K to the city.

I guess crime does pay well.

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