Friday, April 12, 2013

No Private Attacks

Bob Kadluboskia a tower who has been outspoken about the administration’s dealing with LAG, recalled what he said was a conversation with former city official Bill Brace about Glodzik getting the exclusive contract with the city.

Brace assured him there would be no problems, Kadluboski said. But when the opposite happened, he went to Brace and was told that Mayor Tom Leighton’s response was, “F___’ em. This happens in politics.”

He was reprimanded for using profanity, especially in the presence of a high school student sitting in as a junior council member.

  • Ok perhaps Bob shouldn’t have repeated what our foul mouth mayor said, but what High School Student in this city hasn’t heard or said worse?

He turned to the student and said, “I apologize, this is the other side of politics.”

  • Get out of town Bob, this is the FREE show put on twice a month by city council. It’s simply their way of giving back for allowing the King to rob us blind.

Kadluboski suggested council take a vote of no confidence in the administration regarding the LAG situation. “This is a mockery,” he said. “This city will be forever blemished.”

He continued to rail against the handling of the investigation, saying LAG somehow received the name of a person who agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

  • Hum: one has to wonder, how is LAG getting the information of everyone who lodges a complaint against him, and is this just another tactic of intimidation by this administration, in an attempt to stop folks from coming forward? 

The mayor then questioned Kadluboski about his towing business. “What about the car you illegally towed off a private lot, a young lady last week. Did you give her money back?” Leighton asked.

Leighton said, “I know all your secrets, all your secrets, every one of your secrets, every one.”

“No private attacks,” shouted a member of the audience.

  • WOW: his lordship must have been really worked up to say “I know all your secrets, all your secrets, every one of your secrets, every one.” Well I have news for you, Your Highness we too know all your secrets, all your secrets, every one of your secrets, every one. The difference is yours have led to a Grand Jury investigation, and when the justice department is finished with you, not even your new roomie Bubba will be talking to you.  

No private attacks!

James Gallagher said “The inactions of this administration speak volumes; volumes in the street, volumes from one end of the valley to the other,” he said. “Everyone’s wondering is the mayor, is the mayor in on it too?”

Replies of “Yes” came from the audience.

  • Well come on, you know he is!

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