Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Does Leo give Cops A FREE ride?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre has received numerous tips regarding the LAG free ride program. A program some call yet another attempt by the city tower to bribe police officers, by providing officers with a Car, Truck, or SUV at no cost.

The vehicles remain the property of LAG but officers are free to use them as if they are their own, bypassing the expense of registration, state inspection, maintenance, and insurance costs, as the vehicles are still LAG’s property. Yet another perk LAG allegedly provides to cops.

Upon receiving said tips, our very own contributing photographer Mark Robbins who has been dogging this story for quite some time, went out late Sunday evening to capture additional photographic evidence, and capture Mark did, but during Mark’s investigation the Wilkes Barre Police sent not one but SIX officers to intercept Mark.

The lead officer Brian Gist cited Mark for taking photos of the Dodge Ram below, as it was parked behind the Wilkes Barre City Police Department, the lot clearly posted ". In addition Mark didn’t have his current Geico Card with him so Officer Gist offered to tow Mark’s car to city impound.

Wake Up Brian you absolutely MAY NOT impound a car for not having insurance period, yet alone simply not having the card. Let’s get past the fact that Mark did in-fact have his car insured but simply didn’t download his new card. Either way you still CANNOT tow anyone for that alone. Read the Law Brian click here to read The PennDot Insurance Law

LAG Ram behind WBPD
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 11:31PM IPhone
Rear and Pennsylvania Plate RT-49468
where RT stands for Repair Towing
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 2:47AM IPhone 5
Officer Gist told Mark they saw him on Hawkeye and have evidence, so now we must stand corrected. There is a Hawkeye camera that works, and even at night. The only problem is, it is located directly behind the police station keeping a Hawkeye on those FREE rides.

Glodzik told Chris Hong of The Citizens Voice on Monday that he sold the truck to Majikes, whom he described as a friend, about two weeks ago for a "couple thousand bucks." He denied Robbins' assertion that he had done Majikes any special favors or that Majikes had done him any. "He's not borrowing it. The truck belongs to him," Glodzik said. "Everything's on the up and up."

  • Really, then why is the truck still registered to LAG, and if Majikes just got the truck why does Google Earth who says all of their images are at least ONE to THREE YEARS OLD show the truck parked in front of Majikes’s house?

Mayor Tom Leighton said he learned two months ago that Glodzik was loaning a truck to a police officer but declined to name the officer. He said police Chief Gerard Dessoye told him the arrangement did not violate the department's policy, which prohibits officers from accepting "awards, gratuities, or any article of value as payment for favors or services rendered or anticipated in connection with his official duties unless approved by the Chief of Police or Mayor."

"This was not a gift, per say," Leighton said. "This was something that was given to him on a private, personal matter. It's something that I cannot control because it was of a personal nature."

  • Oh come on your lordship this is most definitely a gift per say, and so is the champagne Leo gives to the cops. Let me out line it for you.
  • Step 1: Leo showers cops like Brian Gist with champagne, cars, perhaps even cash.
  • Step 2: A traffic stop occurs, similar to the one involving our photographer, and the driver doesn’t have his insurance card with him.
  • Step 3: The officer then uses his discretion to TOW THE CAR, instead of issuing a warning, or citing the driver.

Fact: The Wilkes Barre City Police department tows more cars for nonsense, and borderline reasons than probably any other force in the nation. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Source: Mark Robbins, photos below
LAG Ram Parked near home of WBPD Officer 202 AKA John F Majikes
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 5:31PM IPhone 5
Rear: LAG Ram Parked near home of WBPD Officer 202 AKA
Photo Taken By Mark Robbins 3/31/2013 5:31PM IPhone 5
Google Earth of 65 SENECA STREET WILKES BARRE PA 18702
Per Google on average photos on Google Earth are
one to three years old. So it would seem John has had this truck awhile. 


  1. 1) If you are going to be a gadfly, make sure that your vehicle stuff is up to date (license, registration, insurance etc). Don't open the door to get yourself busted.

    2) Don't tresspass to get evidence. Get a real camera with a long lens and shoot from the sidewalk. Also, shoot RAW or with film. They can't accuse you of doctoring it.

    1. For those of you who swipe, or aid in the swiping of cars for a living, Gadfly: a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism.

      I do NOT condone trespassing but understand this, EVERYONE in town can cross that lot without a fine EXCEPT Mark, so if your WBPD you should either do your job to the best of your ability and cite everyone or no one. Don’t make an exception out of the guy who exposed the corruption of a few slimy cops, and tainted the entire force. We have many fine officers, but the actions of the few cost the reputation of the many.


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