Wednesday, April 24, 2013

City Hall Repositioning for WHAT?

According to today’s papers, the King is repositioning city hall for something, but what one has to wonder? 

  • Indictments perhaps?

The King’s statements - Translated to layman's terms:

King Said: “Basically, we have less people and we are asking them to do more,” he said

Translation: Basically we do noting as it is, and now that the taxpayers are berating down our necks, we will actually have to work, and so we should be paid for that work.

King Said: “We’re assigning more responsibilities to less people,” he said.

Translation: If I’m going to give my little suckholes a raise I will make up good reason.

Drew McLaughlin, who has been the city’s administrative coordinator and spokesman at a salary of about $40,000 per year, will become municipal affairs manager at $45,000 a year, effective immediately.

  • OK hold the phone, Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin from spokes-joke to affairs manager? Well I guess with the amount of city employees having affairs one would need a manager to oversee them.

Greg Barrouk will change titles at his same salary, going from economic development director to assistant city administrator.

  • WHAT no mo money for Greg? One does have to wonder what Greg is being groomed for?

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