Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mayors Hands Are Tied

The Mayor told Eyewitness News his hands are tied, he’s referring to the LAG Cars or Cops, or FREE Ride Program, where LAG loans, sells, leases, gives, gifts, or whatever other term Leo wants to use to describe giving luxury cars and trucks to Police officers, he calls “his friends” for little to no money.
The Mayor said “it may smell bad, it may look bad, but he can’t and won’t do anything about it.”

  • WHAT? I thought you were the great and powerful KING LIE-A-TON, and FYI your lordship, it doesn’t just smell bad, it stinks to High Heaven!
  • A contractor who by his own admission, “receives 100% of his business from police calls.” Gifting expensive automobiles to the very cops who feed him his business, and those same cops respond to, and dismissing all  complaints from citizens against said contractor? 
The mayor also said “LAG’s critic’s issues with LAG are personal in nature, and their just kicking up dust.”

  • Hum I wonder if that’s because they were overcharged, their cars were damaged, or in some cases LAG charged victims of crime, a clear violation of his contract, perhaps that's the dust your talking about?

Leo said “On the advice of my lawyer I can’t comment on the investigation but I can say this: I can sell or loan my cars to anyone I want to. For years I have sold cars to my friends some of whom are police officers.”

  • First off: It’s about time. Good God I was beginning to wonder if your lawyer was as drunk as the chief.
  • Second: I sure hope the cops filed an in kind reporting on their taxes.
  • Lastly: Did you charge the cops even close to book value, or just “a couple thousand bucks” for luxury cars, worth tens of thousands of dollars?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Source: WBRE Video


  1. I think it's time for our State Attorney General to do a major investigation of the Mayor Lieghton/Glodzik ties, as they relate to an exclusive contract between the Mayor and the Tower?

    1. I couldn't agree more. Someone has to see this as wrong.


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