Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hawkeye can Stick It

Tonight by unanimous vote the members of the Wilkes Barre Area School Board told Hawkeye Security Solutions to “Stick It”. Well that’s the expression Joe Holden used.

Hawkeye who has been billing the school district through 2013 even though their contract expired last year, got their answer tonight, and it’s what we’ve been saying all along. 

The cameras just don’t work, per board member Lynne Evans, who is also a school bus driver. Who said when her bus was rear-ended in the city Hawkeye saw nothing.

Lynne told WBRE “It was a bus with children on it. All the more reason to catch this person, it comes across 911 and you can’t find a car that’s hood is in a V.”

  • Hold the phone didn’t Natalie Aleo’s car end up with a mysterious V in the hood?

For those of you who missed the presentation by the (fast exiting) Hawkeye Vice-President prior to the meeting, he told the board that “when 911 gets a call it flags Hawkeye to monitor”. It was like he was saying that the 911 system, and Hawkeye system communicate with each other.

Now I’m guessing after reading the Times Leader article W-B system just won’t compute by Terrie Morgan-Besecker the School Board didn’t quite believe the quick talking Hawkeye salesman.

As for the Hawkeye bills that have been piling up even though Hawkeye had no authority to continue billing the district, they too were shot down, but hey you can’t blame Hawkeye for trying the same unsuccessful trick their solicitor from Fox Rothschild in Philadelphia tried on the Parking Authority when they canned him.

I guess they figured even though it didn’t work for Allen it might work for Hawkeye.

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