Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perhaps Plymouth Rock fell on the car?

The Plymouth police officer who recovered Natalie Aleo’s stolen car said it had no body damage when it was found, raising questions about how it sustained significant front-end damage that was evident when it was returned to her Saturday by Wilkes-Barre city towing contractor Leo Glodzik III.

  • Well let’s see, it's like one of those math problems: If a stolen car leaves Plymouth police custody with NO damage,  and is transferred directly into Wilkes Barre City Impound custody where it remains until it is returned to the rightful owner, some months later with major damage, one can only assume someone snuck onto the impound lot and did it. After all the place is surrounded by Hawkeye’s watchful cameras, why not check those?

“What can I tell you? That’s how we picked up the car,” Glodzik said, referring to the damaged front end.

Officer Anthony Gorey of Plymouth said “When it left Plymouth, it did not have any damage on it,”

  • Oh goodie another math problem: A known liar (we'll call him Leo), who would lie in court under oath, then to the press about scraping a car, claims a car was sent to him with damage, yet is being disputed by an upstanding police officer with NO reason to lie, whatsoever, who should we believe? Yup you guessed it Leo….

In an email response to Time Leader reporters Tuesday, Leighton said his administration has not made a final determination on whether to proceed with terminating Glodzik’s contract.

“It remains an open inquiry, but we will announce a course of action in the foreseeable future. We will take this new information under advisement,” Leighton said.

  • Oh come on your lordship, you’re not going to fire your boy toy.

Glodzik has repeatedly denied he charges crime victims.

  • Yeah, all evidence to the contrary there buddy.

Aleo was equally surprised to learn Tuesday that the Plymouth police officer said there was no damage to the car when it was found.

“If the police officer said there was no damage to it, it has to be the tow company that did it,” Aleo said.

Aleo said she’s not happy, but doesn’t feel she has any recourse at this point.

  • Well it would seem that Aleo is no longer “Perfectly Happy” now is she?

“Maybe they did it when they stored it. I don’t know,” she said. “I can’t sue him. I don’t have the money for a lawyer.”

  • Is there not one honest Liar in this town that will take a case for an elderly woman Pro-bono?

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