Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did Leo find that car again????

It was smashed when I found it, I tell ya!
Two months after telling a reporter he already had sent the car of an elderly woman at the heart of price-gouging complaints to a junkyard, city tower Leo Glodzik III on Saturday returned the vehicle to her.

Glodzik’s actions came two days after The Times Leader obtained information from the state Department of Transportation that no “salvage” title had been issued for Aleo’s vehicle. In an interview Wednesday, PennDOT officials said any junkyard that takes possession of a vehicle is required to obtain a salvage title. Those titles are typically issued within two days after they are requested.

  • TWO MONTHS, and no salvage title????
  • How the heck did he get that car back, and where was it?

The development came as a surprise to Natalie Aleo, 82, given that Glodzik, in a Jan. 24 interview The Times Leader, said he already had taken the car to a junkyard to be salvaged.
Photo courtesy of the Times Leader

  • Imagine her surprise when all of a sudden the car that Leo said was in the scrap yard suddenly showed up, and according to the Times Leader photo with a smashed front end.
  • Yet Plymouth Police didn’t have anything in their report to indicate front end damage when the car was found, so where did that damage come from we wonder???? Perhaps it was damaged during those 2 months that the salvage fairy had it, possibly?

Glodzik repeatedly has rejected the claim that he told Aleo the fees were for storage. He contends he told her the engine was blown and that the figure he quoted was an estimate of the cost to fix the car.

  • Hum, so now Leo is a certified mechanic??

Aleo disputed those comments, saying the LAG employee she spoke with made it clear the fees were for storage and towing.

Don’t worry Natalie we all know he’s lying, after all if you’d be willing to lie in court under oath, it’s a good bet you’d be willing to lie just about any time.

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  1. Lawyers should be forming a line out the door to take this one to court.


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