Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hawkeye’s Cash Cow No Moo're

According to Mark Guydish of The Times Leader, The Wilkes Barre Area School Board tabled a $90,000 line item, ONLY after Board Member Christine Katsock questioned why approval of a contract with Hawkeye Security Solutions was on the agenda under “contracted services.”

“I do not see a reason for this other than that we are a cash cow for Hawkeye,” Katsock said.

  • Now Ms. Katsock you know full well that one hand washes the other, or in this town one governing body launders for the other. Your current political stance will only anger his lordship, and you should also be aware that he will retaliate.

Latinski proposed bringing someone from the company in to answer questions, and the board tabled the motion.

  • Now there’s an idea Phil..... Let’s ask Hawkeye's double talking Liar,,, I mean Lawyer (who by the way doesn’t even attend their meetings) to come up from Philly to sell you a Bill of Goods. After all he did try selling the Parking Authority a Bill of Goods, or was it that he just tried selling the Parking Authority??

Speaking of the Parking Authority why don’t you call them and ask how long it took Hawkeye to repair a broken camera. I bet you’ll be surprised to hear that they measure that time frame in years….

It should also be noted that Hawkeye Citywide still isn’t at 100% and their camera system that consists of nearly 260 cameras at a cost of about $10,483.87 EACH camera are now nearing the end of their useful life according to statements made at a recent Hawkeye Board meeting.

Also the cameras the city paid for back in July 2012 still haven’t been installed at The Intermodal Garage.

Without the School Board ponying up this cash we have to wonder is Hawkeye still going to be able to pay $10,080 monthly to Legion Security for monitoring the system?

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