Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hawkeye can’t afford to pay attention

According to both the Citizens Voice and Times Leader, Hawkeye told Legion they will only be watching the cameras for 12.8 hours a day, due to the fact that Hawkeye is BROKE!

One only needs looks as far as Philadelphia to see why Hawkeye is going belly up.  Alan Wohlstetter of Fox Rothschild LLP, the Philadelphia based law firm (owned in part by Patrick Murphy, brother of former city administrator, and former Hawkeye board member J.J. Murphy) is charging Hawkeye for every RTK (Right to Know), at a rate of about $85 per 10 min. So every RTK cost a minimum of $85, and on top of that he has the gull to bill Hawkeye for the copies, and way more than the $0.25 allowed by state law.

So now Hawkeye slashes Legions hours, and the city police must watch the cameras (NOT PAID BY HAWKEYE), all because Hawkeye squandered its money on slimy out of town liars, and no bid Schneider Electric $10,000 per cameras (ran by yet another Murphy).

  • WOW if the unions only knew Hawkeye would be severely mismanaged; they could have just sat back and waited.

After squandering the last $5,494 Hawkeye had, arguing over whether or not Wohlstetter should give the Citizens Voice their RTK, (which by the way they finally did) Deputy (Do RTK) City Administrator Greg Barrouk said he will begin handling more requests but said he may still need Wohlstetter's assistance.

  • What a novel idea Greg, have a board member answer RTK's for FREE

"He was here since day one, I didn't come in until two years after. So there's a lot of stuff in the preliminary stages I wasn't aware about," Barrouk said.

  • Now Greg I wonder, if a citizen puts in a RTK for something, and the records were properly maintained, would it truly matter if you were or weren’t there from the beginning?

That’s like saying to your boss at Wendy’s “I can’t fetch the fries, because I wasn't here when you built the walk-in.”

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