Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who’s Paying Whom?

Looking down from atop the King’s castle, it may seem like LAG is paying the city $50,050.00 per year for his exclusive right to rape and pillage the weakest among us, but according the Christopher Hong of The Citizens Voice, what you see isn’t always what you get.

Glodzik's relationship with Wilkes-Barre began in April 2005, when he agreed to pay $250,250 in exchange for the exclusive towing rights in the city for five years. Later that year, he was also awarded a $350,000 demolition contract related to the South Main Street revitalization project.

  • So Leo pays $250,250 and gets $350,000 a net profit of $99,750? I know, I know, Leo had the expense of doing some of the work to earn that demolition contract RIGHT?

Well according to city spokes-joke Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin “Glodzik refused to complete a demolition project” not the one above, mind you but still a cause for concern.

Operations Director Butch Frati said "it is ‘troubling’ when a contractor doesn't finish a project" and "When something like that happens, when a job doesn't get finished, red flags go up,"

  • RED FLAGS, you say????
  • Thank God Butch knows which end is up.

Drew also noted "There's been less work, if not no work, outside the towing contract for a number of years for whatever that's worth,"

  • We do wonder, is that because Leo doesn’t do a good job, or because the people are Waking Up?

Mc-Laugh-lin said. "And I'll leave it up to people to make their own interpretations."

  • Oh Drew you know what we think.

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