Saturday, April 6, 2013

Theft is Theft

The District Attorney (who’s lead investigator is the brother of city police chief) said she is aware “certain individuals may have improperly taken gas.”

  • Hello, Earth to Stefanie, we call that theft, and voted for you because you told us you would too.

“We are looking into every possible theft that may have occurred,” she said.

  • Oh thank God, we were getting worried, that you may have accidentally drank some of that Kool-Aid when you dined with the King.

Ron Trimble former purchasing director said he initially told investigators he was “99.7 percent” sure no one had stolen fuel.

  • I guess Ron didn’t see that photo of the King swiping gas one Saturday morning (during the Fine Arts Fiesta) in his undershirt, while garbage truck 185 was ordered parked, purposely blocking the DPW camera’s view of the pump.

Despite the admissions made by some employees, Trimble believes, overall, that the amount of theft that will be found will be small, he said.

  • Well if you swiped a laptop from Wal-Mart some might consider that small when compared to the overall inventory of the store, but it doesn’t make you any less of a thief now does it?

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  1. I love how everything is so blatant here and everyone looks for a way to cover up instead of clean up.

    1. What do you expect from a D.A. who's mother slapped a Manager of the Mohegan Sun casino.

  2. Just look at the area, you have Wilkes Barre for year threatening and intimidating its own citizens, and now Pittston using city resources to go after council candidates. A county of thief judges and commissioners, Bill (I control the city, county, and rob you blind) Brace who is related to God and everyone, current city council included. Federal agents on the take, State Police Commissioners chums of our Police Thief, take about organized crime. I am getting ready to call in the real law enforcement Family from Vegas to protect us from our own police.


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