Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kangaroo Kane

What a shocker that Cruella De Vil’s Hubby, The Horrible Justice Kane, would side with a cop who clearly committed perjury. 

For those of you who think I’m picking on an upstanding officer who does so much for our community, you should know, I am a huge advocate of the police, and truly believe they work under extreme pressure, and aren’t appreciated nearly enough. 

That is why it was so disheartening to watch a city officer Lie Under Oath, and MY GOD did he…..

Officer Gist’s story changed faster than LAG can increase it's storage fees.

First Gist said he was sitting in his police car watching Robbins do all that he did, and a few minutes later he was at his personal car getting something, when he first noticed Robbins.

Gist testified that on March 31 at 11:03 p.m., Robbins pulled his car abruptly into the parking area behind the city police station. Gist said he saw Robbins pull in, get out of his car and take pictures with his cellphone of a vehicle parked in the lot.
He said Robbins got back into his car and took another picture before Gist approached him.
Come on Brian you allowed Robbins to
  • Pull in "Abruptly"
  • Park
  • Get out
  • Roam around
  • Take Photos
  • Get back in his car

And that’s when you notice he was a danger because it was dark…

Gist said it is a "safety issue" for people to be there.

  • I bet it was a "safety issue". Thanks to Robbins we now know just how dirty some members of The Wilkes Barre Police Department are.

The sad fact is, even if you are an honest officer, who does give this city your all; when you stand idly by and allow your fellow officers to be "on the take", you’re as guilty as they are.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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