Thursday, May 30, 2013

FREE rent then, I ain't going

Sherman Hills the troubled complex at the top of Coal St is back in the news yet again, as they are now attempting to evict a woman for allegedly allowing a criminal with a gun to reside inside her apartment.

The resident identified in the Citizens Voice as Tanequa Williams is being evicted for a shooting inside her apartment in February, but hold the phone Tanequa said
  • "They could try. They have no grounds,"
  • "They have to have evidence. That's why we're going to court. You have to show your evidence in court. I don't know what their evidence is,"

Hum let’s see Tanequa
  • Was there a 911 call regarding a disturbance at  your residence?
  • Were shots fired?
  • Did WBPD show up?
  • I’m guessing WBPD has some evidence. 

Criminals at Sherman Hills??? I’m shocked. After all this is the same complex who has been dodging city inspectors for years, but in all fairness to Sherman Hills the city didn’t try to uphold their own ordinance either.

In fact several citizens like Linda Urban and Frank Sorick have been complaining about selective enforcement of that ordinance for years now, and the standard response from the city is, “we will look into that”.

Imagine for a second if rental inspectors had gone in, and seen the deplorable conditions, and condemned that dump, perhaps we wouldn’t have nightly shootings, or a nearby park controlled by gangs after dark. Perhaps we wouldn’t have had one of our officers shot by a scummy criminal, but I digress the kickback from the Out-Of-Town owners must be more important than public safety.

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  1. Since we've learned that WB cops get "personal gifts" from Leo, has anybody ever asked Leighton if he gets "gifts" from the owners of Sherman Hills?

  2. Btw, your links to newspaper articles might very well end up eventually being 404s. You can also archive them at someplace like

    Almost every link at Mark Robbins' site is dead already, he should use something like that, too.

    It also would be nice if you put in the widget that displays past comments, just a suggestion.


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