Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dark day at LAG

Driving past LAG Towing this evening one can’t help notice the place is shut down. The sign in the window says CLOSED, and there isn’t a car nearby. Well except for the ones still in impound. By the way, what happens to all those cars now?

Poor Leo: Getting the boot from the King (his buddy, no less) this afternoon, and just seconds after being arraigned on theft charges too.

Has the King no compassion for his friend, whose sole source of income was that contract?

However will he pay his mortgage? LOL

I’m guessing he will be housed by the taxpayers soon enough, unless of course he tells the FBI who all knew of his scheme, then he might just get one of those, get out of Federal (Pound You in the Tookus) Prison cards.

Wake Up Leo before it really is too late for you!

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  1. Oh how you warm my heart with your witty ways

  2. LAG's contract with the county was always mentioned here:

    It had to do with getting rid of an old dining car at the station. But his website is not responding now.

    Maybe has has other jobs with the county?

    1. LAG Auctions is in NO way operated by LAG towing. It is another family member from what I understand, and we must assume they are reputable. We all have family who are less than perfect, and we shouldn't judge someone just because they may be related to someone who has done something wrong. Thanks


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