Friday, June 14, 2013

King said crime is down citywide

His lordship, King Lie-A-Ton stunned the crowd at last night’s city council meeting when he told them that crime is down citywide.

I know this came as quite a shock to the folks in attendance as The King’s comment drew a response of “Oh please,” from attendees, but nonetheless The King said "The reason why it appears there's more crime is because we have more officers on the street arresting more people."
  • So we can only assume that the 4 cops on at any given time protecting over 40,000 people is “more officers on the street arresting more people”. 

When asked how he knew crime was down after the meeting, Leighton said the number of arrests have dropped.

  • So crime is down because we have more officers on the street arresting more people, but he number of arrests have dropped. What did I miss?

Leighton said he couldn't recall the source of those statistics.
  • Could it be just the statistics in your head your lordship?

According to a statical tracking website Wilkes Barre City is rated as having a HIGH crime rate, and the citywide murder rate has more than tripled since Lie-A-Ton took office. Rising from the average 1-2 per year to sometime 6-10 during his lordships reign.

Councilman George Brown, who represents South Wilkes-Barre, said residents have inundated him with phone calls about what they're seeing. Dealers selling drugs openly on the street. Robberies. Prostitution.
  • I’m guessing they didn’t hear that crime is down!

The Rev. Shawn Walker  a Wilkes-Barre Area School Board member and founder of the anti-youth violence initiative Building Bridges, told city council on Thursday how crime has worsened near his home on Oak Street and Firwood Avenue. Walker said “I can't let my kids walk four blocks to the park.”
  • Come on Rev. Walker, didn't ya hear? Crime is down!

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  1. That's because most of the crimes and incidents that go on in the city are "swept under the rug" and no attempt whatsoever is made by the city detectives to investigate and arrest the criminals. They are left alone to continue to commit crime after crime and know they can get away with it. Silence is golden in WB.

    1. You got it my friend. If you want to get away with Murder, commit it in Wilkes Barre, under Hawkeye. The first response will be "it didn't happen here", fallowed by "we got nothing" from Hawkeye. Remember when Jerry Lynott, Times Leader asked about a shooting and the King said you have no proof that happened here. Even though officers said shell casings and glass was found in front of the after hours jiggly room on S Main.


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