Sunday, June 16, 2013

Crime Down, But up 10%?

We've all suspected from quite some time now that the city was cooking the books, and fudging the numbers, but Jerry Lynott of The Times Leader proved it.

According to Jerry’s article it would seem the city police are a bit behind in submitting their fudged numbers to the state police Uniform Crime Reporting System.

Jerry also writes “However, using the most current UCRS numbers as of the end of May, reported crimes increased by 10 percent compared with May 31, 2012.”

CRIME UP 10 PERCENT??? What happened to more officers, arresting more people, causing crime to decrease?

Now I’m really confused, after reading yesterday’s Times Leader it looked as if there was actually some sort of factual basis supporting The King’s dribble regarding the lowered crime rates in Da Hood, but now it looks as if the city is either fudging the numbers, or not submitting the fudge reports at all.

Don’t blame Jerry though he did attempt to clear this whole thing up, but, “The mayor could not be reached for comment Saturday.”
  • Hum perhaps he was off the wagon? 
  • Or is it reservation? 

Either way he was likely oblivious to the fact, that with only 4 beat cops on at any given time, we couldn't possibly expect the city police department to have a split second available to report anything, when they are running from call to call like their hair is on fire, and the average wait time for a cop is 4 hours.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to your scanners or join the Crime Watch Facebook Group, and see for yourself. The other night a lady called 911 to get an officer so she could report a crime, and 4-5 hours later (4 AM) the cop reported to com-center “no answer at door, clear it county, she’ll call back in the morning” the officer said. NEWS FLASH: No she won’t, she likely thinks the WBPD never showed up, and doesn't give a crap about her or her issues. She hasn't a clue about how overworked our cops are, and that most of them (suckholes not included) would rather be cleaning toilets for Kingston than risking their hide responding to shootings EVERYDAY!

God Bless the WBPD

And BTW (by the way) where is that new lip service provider, the King hired? Isn't she supposed to take those calls for comment from reporters?

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  1. Has anybody set up an internet page that streams the WBPD radio traffic? It might not be long anyway before they start scrambling it.

  2. Looking for something like this Al?

    Most smart phones have Apps for this as well.


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