Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reduce Crime, Just don't report it.

The Citizens Voice is reporting, Three times within a recent week, men showed up with gunshot wounds at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.


And police are all quiet, when it comes to telling the people that the city is now Gotham?

Thank God for Crime Watch click here to stay informed

"There's no information out there, but we hear it happening and we know it's happening," said Charlotte Raup, president of the Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch

  • Charlotte is right, listening to the scanner, can be more frightening than a scary movie. When you find out the sound you wrote off as fireworks, was actually your neighbor being shot to death, and even worse the cops not telling you what’s going on, or where it's happening. 

Wake Up People, your city is under attack, and the folks charged with your safety, are not warning you.

Melissa Melewsky, media law counsel for the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, said “It's incumbent upon the police force to be responsive to the needs of their community,"

"If there's a shooting that's happened, the public has a right to know the basics - the who, the what, the when and the where. Police have to be accountable to the public that they serve because of the important role that they play in our community."

Police Chief Gerard Duhsoye maintains that the department's media policy is unchanged in more than a decade:

  • No news is good news?

Duhsoye quotes:

"We feel it's a more efficient way to run the city,"

  • Too keep people in the dark?

"I can give you what I can give you. I'm not in the business of really worrying of getting it out. I'm in the business of solving the crime."

  • What about public safety? Information allows folks to take precautions. 

"Because when you think it's a basic shooting, it could be a homicide or unfounded,"

  • BASIC SHOOTING??? What is that? Are you telling me it happens so often in Wilkes Barre that it’s just a "basic shooting"?

"What you get is handed to you. We don't get it handed to us. It may take a certain amount of time to investigate. Information may be sensitive."

From the Entice Facebook
  • Why not? Doesn’t Hawkeye hand it to you? Are you telling me the shooting on Main St, where you (WBPD) found the glass, and shell casings in front of the after-hours pole-dancing club known as Entice Lounge, wasn't captured on Hawkeye? 

Duhsoye said if police determine the weekend shootings took place outside Wilkes-Barre, "I'll absolutely not confirm any information."

  • Oh trust me they happened here!

King Lie-A-ton said when questioned at a public meeting

The lack of information came up at last week's city council meeting, where a reporter asked Mayor Tom Leighton about what had happened, saying information had been hard to come by.

"I believe because there's very little information to give,"

  • OK now reporters have to wait until a council meeting to ask questions?

Other quotes from the King

"We have limited resources. We have schedules. We do the best we can with those resources,"

  • Hum just imagine if you hadn’t misused all those resources, such as Gas-Gate, $10,000 Home Security Systems, and Multi-Million Dollar No-Bids for your buddies?

"There's nothing we can do differently. It's the best we can. I'm sorry, we're doing the best we can. We're following the policy. No one else is complaining."

  • OH YES we are complaining, your lordship, but for whatever reason you seem to feel if we don't voice our complaint(s) at your watering-hole of choice, they don't exist. 

City spokesjoke Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, he said:

“The city is merely trying to ensure the information it releases to the public is accurate.”

  • Oh yes Drew, because you would have more accurate information than the officer on scene?

“Officials will take extra time, if needed, to get the details right the first time”

  • Or officials "will take the extra time time, if needed to" make up a comforting lie that sounds better. 

Wilkes-Barre City Council Chairman and former Police Chief Bill Barrett said:

During his term, watch commanders were expected to communicate with the media about incidents. Watch commanders are able to deliver the information most quickly and directly.

  • WHAT Drew just said, he can communicate more accurately, than WBPD!

Barrett said he didn't agree with the frequent occurrence of watch commanders deferring comment to McLaughlin. "I think it's ludicrous,"

"It doesn't make a lot of sense. There are people very capable of releasing info and they know what to release and what not to release."

  • Perhaps when you were Chief Bill, but with our current do nothing, Thief of Police in charge, who knows what, if any direction these cops are getting. 

Hazleton police Chief Frank DeAndrea said."We will never not tell you there was a shooting, but we might withhold names. We might withhold information,"

  • Imagine a police chief that would want to warn his residents. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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