Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Park & Lock Break-Ins with crime so low????

According to Frank Sorick, president of the Wilkes-Barre City Taxpayers Association there were several break-ins at the Park & Lock Central Garage on Father’s Day, which went un-reported by the city. So I’m guessing these numbers won’t be reflected in the city’s overall long-term crime decline. That Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin blustered about the other day.

Sorick said he learned of the break-ins when he accessed the city’s Crime Watch website.

  • Well you didn’t expect to hear about it from the city did you?

Sorick said one of the break-ins occurred directly under one of the Hawkeye cameras.

  • That’s like saying LAG damaged your car in front of city police.

If you truly want to know why the Hawkeye system doesn't work, please take a look at the Independent Gazette's article, Hawkeye or Blindeye?

“The public needs to know if these criminals are caught,” Sorick said.

  • The last time someone was caught breaking into cars at the movies was when Crime Watch & The Guardian Angles set up a sting. 

Liza Prokop, the city’s spokeswoman, said two press releases on the break-ins were missing from the lobby postings at the police station.

  • Missing? Perhaps they were filed in the same filing cabinet as the LAG records?

Prokop said “The video tapes are being reviewed, but there is no conclusive evidence to identify the responsible parties,” she said. “More information will be released as the investigation continues.”

  • No conclusive evidence to identify the responsible parties, and this happened right near the worthless $10,000 camera. 

Matthew Price, project manager for LAZ Parking, said he asked in the past to review surveillance tapes, but has never been allowed.

  • So the Parking Authority is the ONLY source of income for Hawkeye, and their management firm isn’t allowed to see films??? 

Board member Maryanne King asked, “Then what are we paying for?”

  • Corruption Mrs. King, and the right NOT to ask questions. 

Board member Jim Casey said he “feels better” knowing the cameras are there.

  • Really Jim you feel better knowing the cameras in your garages don’t work? How would you feel about allowing police officers to respond to a shots fired call at Sherman Hills with unloaded firearms? 

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