Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Of course crime is way up, Duh

Let me just say Thank God for reporters like James Halpin of The Citizens Voice for actually investigating, and not simply printing the King’s dribble.

James wrote: Residents concerned about crime listened with disbelief at Thursday's city council meeting as they tried to reconcile his assertion with what they see in their neighborhoods every day.

Referring to ludicrous statements made by King Lie-A-Ton, "In fact, crime is down in the city," or "The reason why it appears there's more crime is because we have more officers on the street arresting more people."

Fact is we haven’t hired an officer in years, and we don’t even have a civil service list to replace retirees, so anyone with half a brain would surmise we have FEWER officers on the street.

"The problem is: he has been in denial about gangs, about crime. You see the other chiefs of police from all over - they're working with the people, they're admitting they have a problem," Charlotte Raup, president of the Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch Coalition, said. "We're talking shootings and stabbings every day."

  • Oh that Charlotte always worrying about shootings and stabbings, didn’t anyone tell her that only happens to the undesirables.

Dr. Bill Lutes, chairman of the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology at King's College, said uniform crime report numbers can be skewed by a number of factors, including unreported crimes, police misreading incidents or charges being filed that do not match the crime that occurred. "Crime has a tendency to be under-reported," Lutes said. "You've just got to take it with a grain of salt."

  • Unreported crimes causing under-reported numbers taken with a grain of salt, you say? Who'da thunk!!

Even Thief of Police DuhSoye said I don't like to hang my hat too much on statistics I'm cautiously optimistic that the crime rate has had a reasonable trend downward, but I'm also a realist - I know sooner or later we've got to bottom out."

Bottom out? Sooner or later they will kill one another off, hopefully without taking too many good citizens with them.

Municipal Affairs Manager Drew McLaughlin said V.S. The Wake Up Wilkes Barre Translatior.

McLaughlin said: the mayor was in fact referencing year-over-year crime statistics that show a long-term decline in crime.

  • Translation: We’ve been under reporting for years, and that’s what the King was referring to, so get a life people. 

McLaughlin said:  "We don't look at snapshots of three months, six months. We look at downward trends over a longer period of time, and those have proven in the city to be down."

  • Translation: We scoured through the crime stats to find something, anything that would support what his lordship slurred at council. 

McLaughlin said:  the city has a "broad-spectrum approach" to crime, with proactive investigations to prevent further incidents and reactive, boots on the ground patrolling.

  • Translation: We have ABOUT 4 to 5 patrol-cops on at any given time protection all 41,000 of you. That’s 10 total boots on the ground. 

McLaughlin said:  The city has not laid off police officers, has invested heavily in the Hawkeye surveillance system and has taken a targeted approach to fighting crime in troubled areas.

  • Translation: We didn’t cut any cops, but didn’t replace any retirees either, and we wasted as much money as we could on a worthless $10,000 per camera system, that couldn’t see the ground under a blimp, but on the bright side there are ZERO Hawkeye surveillance cameras near Sherman Hills a very troubled area, and that’s our targeted approach to fighting crime….

McLaughlin said: "We think we've had some success, We think the numbers bear that out, but we're always hoping to do better."

  • Translation: Even our limited police force caught some bad guys, and Hawkeye is still good for checking out girls tookuses in the McDonalds parking lot. Sheesh people calm down, we’re trying here. 

MIA: Where is the new spinmaster the king hired? Doesn’t Liza Prokop know Drew has a ton of work to do in his new role as Municipal Affairs Manager? Managing the “Affairs” that happen in and around city hall is a daunting task, and CBS Daytime could learn a thing or two about drama from City Hall.

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