Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tradition vs. Technology

The I-Team looks at the Wilkes Barre City Police Departments media relations policy of lack thereof.

The King defended the police officers saying “they are quite busy”

WHY with crime so low, and with more of them making fewer arrests, causing the overall number of arrests to go down?

The I-Team wondered why Wilkes Barre isint utilizing technology to distribute the crime statistics.

Charlotte Raup of the Wilkes Barre City Crime Watch spoke with the I-Team, and she said she was told by the administration that you will scare the people if you informed them as to what’s really going on, and that was in the Kings first year when crime really was lower. Today I can only imagine the people are scared shipless, I know I am.

In the beginning of Lie-A-Ton’s first term he called a meeting of the Crime Watch, and their leaders in an effort to disband the Crime Watch as “it was no longer needed” he said. After Charlotte, and the Crime Watch told him about himself, The King then said “well, we’re not going to read the crime statistics at the meetings anymore.” To which Charlotte said “I will go pull them off the clip board myself then”, and that’s what happened. Greg Barrouk told Charlotte at that meeting that the reports on the clipboard were bogus.

Nevertheless at the next scheduled Crime Watch meeting The Coordinator  read the statistics and the crime prevention office at the time (A Captain, no longer on the force) interrupted The Coordinator , and called The King, she then said “by order of the Mayor you are not permitted to read those statistics.” The Coordinator continued, and officers stopped attending meetings, until just last year.

The Crime Watch was punished for informing the people.

Just look at how the The Larksville Borough Police Department reports via Facebook.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Source: I-Team Video


  1. Why does the Larksville PD require a person to have a Facebook account and to login before they can see the crime reports? The exact same thing goes for the WB Crime Watch. Do they not want to share the info without the public being tracked?

    That's pretty ironic considering this a story about how Leighton will not freely share info.

    1. I never noticed it before you said it, but for the heck of it, I signed out of Facebook and clicked the link, and sure enough I couldn't access, so I checked it out, and it looks to be a Facebook requirement, not the organizations.

  2. We wouldn't want to scare the residents away from watching "Criminal Minds" and "Flashpoint" ...

    Idiots. Hiding your head in the sand only brings MORE of the animals out into the open. Get a full-carry Guardian Angels-type patrol started up and you'll see crime take a nose-dive.

    But then that wouldn't be "The Amerikan Way", would it?

    1. I'd love to see that happen, but unfortunately arrest statistics would go up immediately because the police would arrest all the members. Even non-corrupt police hate to see the public defending themselves, it's better in their view to put the innocent citizens into body bags than to have to deal with so-called vigilantes.

      Sure, out west there are those sheriffs who support the law-abiding people. But look at what you have in your county, the previous DA Jackie did her best to try and crucify a guy who merely defended himself against a vicious dog on the loose. What would happen when Al $harpton and company go to your town complaining about how the thugs are the true victims? George Zimmerman found out.

    2. Unfortunately I found out as well - I did 3 months in County for defending myself against 3 "youths" who tried to jump me in Edwardsville. Was told I used "excessive force", even though they had a knife and a club.

      The cops told me because I was a martial arts instructor I "should have had more control". I thought I showed plenty of control - they went to the hospital, not the morgue.

      But that's not how THEY saw it. Next time when I defend myself I'll make sure I don't wait around to file a report.

    3. I'm sorry to hear that such an injustice happened to you, Phil.

      Why do you have comments turned off on your blog? Besides that, maybe if you started publishing video of the goings on in your neighborhood, your blog could be part of a turnaround. It's one thing to write about crime, it'd be another to have video of it. Could be a real attention getter.

  3. I understand that, and I realize that video is King of the 'Net these days, but I'll always just be a simple writer.

    1. That's fair enough, Phil. Still, that doesn't explain not having comments on your blog. Do you think people might be interested in the true life action story of how you Kung Fu'd 3 bad guys? Punches, kicks, vicious elbows, throws, maybe a choke at the end... No arm bars in a street fight, right or wrong? Certainly no UFC stuff with spreading your legs while on your back, with groin stomps forbidden by 'rules'. Haha. Tell your story my friend, and don't be afraid of feedback. You are obviously courageous anyway. (So is the owner of this blog in fighting the corruption.)

      You're not a bad writer at all, either.

      ** not Gung Fu'd but WuShu'd, northern fists, southern kicks. Also tantien not hara nor danjun.

    2. Ah, a fellow martial artist - Ni Hao Ma? ;)

      The comments - unfortunately with the theme I'm using you can only comment by going to the article itself (using the title hyperlink), not on the home page. Don't know why it's set up like that but I'm too busy to go code-hunting to figure it out right now.

      It's not that I'm afraid of feedback - I've gotten an earful in my lifetime. It's just that my philosophy dictates that you don't relate an incident like that to the general public as entertainment. On my martial arts blog, sure, but not on my personal blog unless I put a humorous spin on it and call it fan fiction. :P

      I was a bouncer at a local bar for a couple of years as well, and I have a few stories about that on the blog also, but again I took a satirical slant on them.

      I'm a Taijiquan stylist, so my specialty is in-fighting, joint locks and short-range stuff such as elbows, palms, shoulders and such.

      ... and the childish taunts - don't forget the childish taunts. They always do the trick!


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