Thursday, June 20, 2013

LAG too poor to pay tax???

The Citizens Voice is reporting that the suspended city towing contractor, LAG towing owner Leo Glodzik, owes $519,168 in personal income taxes to the state dating back to 2006, the lien filed in Luzerne County Court says.

So not only is Leo accused of price gouging, overbilling, and shystering poor people out of their cars, but he wasn't even paying his mortgage or his taxes?

With all the money that passed through LAG from price gouging, overbilling, and so called abandoned cars, one has to wonder why Leo had such financial troubles, which all seemed to begin back in March, when U.S. Bank National Association of West Palm Beach, Fla., moved to foreclose on his Wilkes-Barre home, claiming he hasn't made a mortgage payment in more than 16 months.

Now The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has filed a lien. We can only wonder will the IRS be joining the fun, and where did all that LAG cash go?

Well we know $50,050 each year went to the city, and over $17,800 went to the King’s corruption campaign but even with all that we can only guess those loaner cars and champagne for his friends the cops must have been quite costly.

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    1. Thank you, and your more than welcome to copy the link to your blog list. Please provide a link to yours and we will do the same. Thanks


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