Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can Wilkes Barre ever be honest?

By now you’ve all seen the racy photos first published here on Wake Up Wilkes Barre, of  “Detail” work. These photos were published ONLY to prove Municipal Affairs Manager spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin deliberately misleads the press, and public.

When Times Leader reporter Ed Lewis went asking about the detail work Mc-Laugh-Lin could have told Ed about the Hardware Bar, and Sherman Hill, yet he left that out, and because we don’t like to make allegations without proof, we published photos in front of the Hardware Bar.

Photos for the Record:

Linda Urban presented these photos to city council in front of members of the press well over a year ago. 

  • I was there. 

Bobblehead Barrett said “we will look into this Mrs. Urban”, well as you can see by the fallout from our publication that lying Bobblehead did nothing as usual.  

City Response to Photos:

Times Leader May 6, 2013: The two other pictures show a scantily clad woman squatting and grabbing the radio antenna on the rear of a police cruiser, and another scantily clad woman lying across the hood of a cruiser.

McLaughlin said those two pictures appear to have been taken in another city, perhaps Scranton.

Citizens Voice May 8, 2013: Municipal Affairs Manager spokesman Drew McLaughlin said Tuesday that the first two photos appeared to have been taken elsewhere, possibly in Scranton, and that no officers appeared to have been present regardless of where they were shot.

Take notice to only what you could clearly make out in the Black & White photos from WUWB

If nothing else was visible in this photo Mc-Laugh-Lin would like you to believe was taken “elsewhere, possibly in Scranton”, the license plate sure was. MG-0116D, now to the average person this my not be traceable, and I’m not suggesting Mc-Laugh-Lin RUN THE PLATE as that would be a misuse of police powers, not that Wilkes Barre would ever do that either, RIGHT FBI??? Anyway all Mc-Laugh-Lin had to do was check inventory.

Since our publishing new information has come to light, such as the original clear photos. 

Please note, not only the plate as this was visible on the B&W photo but a few other things, such as the book store, and department store to the top left of the photo, and the City recycling can in the mid-left of the photo, behind the yellow car. Now I ask Mc-Laugh-Lin where was this photo taken? Elsewhere??? I think NOT!!!

Also another fun pic TAKEN WHERE?
In color

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  1. You're still jealous of the police officer and a stalker.

    1. Understand nobody went looking for these photos, and WUWB didn't force any officer or girl to pose, nor did we initially post post them online for all to see. We simply re-posted what was already on Facebook, after the photos were emailed to us, and the press. Remember noting on the internet is private, not your personal Facebook noting. So if you post it, it belongs to the website owner, not you.

    2. Drew McLaughlin seems to be pushing back re: these photos...perhaps the skank in this photo is his girlfriend or worse, his mother...I'm only saying now, just my opinion...anything is possible in glad I no longer reside in the filthy, crime ridden, city.

  2. Excellent detective work by you on exposing the 'untruth' that some of the photos were taken in Scranton. But why hasn't any news source identified the police officer in that one photo?

    You know, the whole moonlighting cop angle reminds me of that movie with Richard Gere called "Internal Affairs". Gere's character as a crooked cop derived a lot of his influence because he was the one who chose which of his fellow cops got the high paying off-duty jobs as security. I wonder who chooses which WB cops get these jobs in WB?


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