Saturday, November 17, 2012

King concedes nothing!

At a time when we (The City) are so broke we can’t afford to pay attention, and our credit rating is falling faster than shares of Hostess, our King offers noting!

No concessions for him after all he didn’t take a pay raise in the past nine years, so he feels he has already given up so much.

Remember folks he works nights, weekends, and even puts in long hours at the deli counter when citizens have the nerve to approach him and complain about the gunfire on their streets.

After begging the city employees for concessions, and threatening layoffs at the same time, if they didn’t help make up the budget short fall, NOT caused at all by the FREE GAS, our King apparently told the unions how many workers must be cut, in order to cover for his gross mismanagement, but hush that number is available only to the unions as yet another scare tactic I’m sure. 

In addition sources tell Wake Up Wilkes Barre that in yet another last ditch effort to avoid layoffs, the King has asked the unions to work one day each week for FREE. Good God why not ask them to pump his FREE GAS on the free work Friday as well!

Now the Firefighters union leader is reading from the King’s talking points. “Without a tax increase, services provided by the fire, police and public works departments will be cut”, Freitas said.

Sounds rational but in reality without the King stealing gas, giving his shyster buddy $300 per hour to consult on something he knew nothing about, and double dipping on trips to Harrisburg where he filled his gas tank at DPW, then took mileage reimbursement for the very same trip, we might not be as broke as we are.

Now I know we are quick to criticize the King, and some who might still be sipping the Kool-Aid may even say: 

I live in this city, and I don’t want my services cut, so with that I can justify yet another tax increase.

  • To that I say: I also live in this city, and I sure as heck don’t want my service cut either. That’s why we didn’t complain so much in 2004 when the King raised taxes by 20%, or in 2009 when he imposed yet another 31% tax increase, but come on people STOP STEALING GAS, and wasting money on useless unneeded friends, and family hiring programs. Then and only then will the people sit down and shut up!

As for you Kool-Aid sippers, we heard you last November, so now it’s your turn to sit down and shut up!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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