Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lie-A-Ton, Cost-A-Ton!

It would seem the only thing our shyster King knows how to do is tax and spend. Since he took office, our property taxes have nearly doubled, and our city debt has climbed at nearly the same rate as the tax increases.

Tax increase:
  • 2004: 20%
  • 2009: 31%
  • 2013: 31%
  • Total: 82%
Mill Rate:
  • Started: 53.63 mills
  • Now: 126.63 mills
Do you still Believe?

If you haven’t yet, you really should read the comments on today’s Times Leader online article. In addition to many being 100% TRUE, they are funny as heck!

COWBOY33 said:
  • So we are clear:
  • The mayor won't take a pay cut.
  • He NEEDS a spokesman.
  • He can pay his buddy $300 an hour to consult on something he isn't qualified to (and not put up to bid) He keeps putting city money towards useless cameras, and passing a security company (started by a friend) to watch them.
  • Council is part time, but gets benefits. But it is the employees who ACTUALLY WORK who will be cut. The DPW workers out in the worst weather. The police and fire department personnel who risk their lives. The mayor touted a city in good financial standing, and hiring police and fire. Looking at the numbers today (both budget and number of) it seems to have been all smoke and mirrors, all so he can get elected, and add to his own pension.
@ Cowboy33

In defense of our King, I really do need to ask, Did you expect any politician to tell the truth during a campaign?
As I recall there was a democratic challenger, who has volunteered more time to this city than anyone, who campaigned on “People not Politics” yet the Sheeple chose to “Believe” Lie-A-Ton!

Disgusted_Taxpayer Said:
  • Tommy Boy says' “We cannot solely tax our way to prosperity and I don’t believe that it is prudent or responsible to increase taxes on our citizens without corresponding cuts within the government.”
  • Mr. Mayor, then what the heck have you done for the last 8 years? When you took office you raised the rate to 73.63 mills, then you raised them another 30 mills in 2009 and now you want to raise them again. You have raised taxes by 72% since taking office. "I Believe", you should have been fired in 2009.
  • Do you run your Real Estate business like this? Do you spend money on wasteful projects, give out free items like security systems or pay for worthless consulting from your friends? Do people steal things like gas from your business costing you tens of thousands of dollars? Have you raised prices on your customers by 72% since 2009? It's a big fat no to all of the above.
  • I can't believe you own a business, you are an embarrassment to the business community and the people of Wilkes-Barre.
@ Disgusted_Taxpayer

Truth is the King’s Real Estate business is subsidized by you!

When he’s out showing homes during the day, when he should be at city hall, you’re paying him. I’ve personally witnessed this on Taft Street, in Hanover TWP!

When he is driving to and from showings, you filled his gas tank!

When he’s lobbing for a listing in the city he uses the credibility of the Mayor’s office to attract sellers. I personally witnessed this on my own back porch!

As for the ("I Believe", you should have been fired in 2009) I say let’s simply move the mayor’s office to Sherman Hills. 

One of two things will happen. Either that neighborhood drastically improves or Mike Merritt will have to serve as mayor until a special election can be held!

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