Sunday, November 4, 2012

GTA-WB (Da Hood) Edition

When Forty Fort resident Mark Robbins had his car towed back in June 2011, for illegally parking, (and yes Mark’s tow was legal not even Mark has disputed that) he found himself smack in the midst of an elaborate rouse to gouge motorists.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard LAG, and City Cronies, all holding hands and chanting "LAG only tows lawbreaking scumbags", and while that statement may have some truth to it. I still have to ask, would we, have we not give(n) scumbag, thieving county commissioner(s), bribing lawyer(s), on the take judge(s), or a gas pilfering mayor, a fair shake? 

That being said: 
  • Why is it OK to charge nearly double the industry standard for a tow, and allow storage fees to begin on the same day as the tow? 
  • Why is it OK to allow the shysters at LAG to financially rape people, and while I’m at it why would City Police ever mutter the words “it’s civil” when referring to another branch of city government, and for those in Blue who didn’t know LAG is considered a city entity while it maintains its contract as city tower/impound yard let me be the first to say

Put down the LAG Champagne, and Wake Up! It’s time to remember your oath, and forget the Kings orders!

Wake Up Police, LAG isn’t even allowing folks to get their personal property out of their cars! That is theft, and if not let me know where your cruiser is so I may have my way with it!!!

Now I’m not saying all WBPD are bad, but YOU know who you are! You who would tell anyone “I don’t give a FU@K about your car” while slurping up the FREE gifts from LAG, do us a favor either take your oath seriously or take the Kings Furlough!

As for Marks crusade, LAG had the opportunity to charge Mark a reasonable price for services rendered, and when Marks car was damaged during the tow, LAG could have looked into it, and if needed offered a repair at a fair price. 

Perhaps then Mr. Robbins wouldn’t have launched his crusade that ultimately pulled the Citizens Voice Newspaper into discovering LAG’s nonexistent record keeping practices which led LAG to outright lie to the newspapers, proved a misleading sworn affidavit, and ultimately result in LAG and The City being ordered to pay the newspaper for losses it incurred following up on its Right to Know request from LAG!

So with that I say thank you Mark, thank you for standing up to this shyster, thank you for not simply taking the easy road, as so many have done. We should all be glad you didn’t  just sucked it up, and walk away, when God knows your life would have been much simpler, and far less expensive, had you done so.

I’m betting if LAG could turn back time, they would likely have acted a bit more ethical when dealing with Mark, but likely only Mark, as it doesn’t look like much has changed.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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