Thursday, November 8, 2012

Layoffs to pay for Pilfered Gas

The City of Wilkes Barre said it will know which of its nearly 300 employees will receive forced layoffs by the end of the week.

City administrator Marie McCormick said she remains optimistic

Really Marie, Optimistic?

  • You sat in the background lying like a cheap rug from Russia, as our Lie-A-Ton King pilfered gas that resulted in $26,000 in fines from the state, that WE THE PEOPLE had to pay, while you knew the entire time, he was pilfering this gas for his personal use! 
  • He also gave no bid contracts to campaign contributors, rewarded himself and his pet with home security systems, nearly doubled the city’s debt, and property tax rate at the same time, and yet your optimistic. 
  • Well I’m optimistic that an angry mob will attack city call, and burn this administration at the stake, but it’s not likely!!!

City Spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said “We're definitely going to restructure, that is a given,"

  • Ya think Drew? Here’s an idea let’s get rid of the useless talking puppet at city hall. That alone will save us $45,000

"There are some restrictions on who can go and who can't go," McCormick said. "It does make it more difficult, absolutely."

Let’s see: City Police are down to 5 patrolmen per shift, The Fire Department is below safe staffing standards as it is, and DPW barely has the manpower to pick up our trash, yet alone plow roads should it snow, so the only cuts available are:

  • The Talking Puppet
  • Thieving DPW Boss who just last week used city employees to pave his driveway.
  • Useless City Administrator
  • Second Lawyer
  • A Thieving King, Lie-A-Ton himself

In addition to the above purposed labor cuts, this plan should also stop the pilfering at the pump.

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