Monday, June 9, 2014

Predatory towing OK in The WB

As if Wilkes Barre city hasn’t seen enough controversy over its past towing practices:

  • Price Gouging
  • Kickbacks
  • Lower Cars
  • Theft from vehicles (GUILTY)
  • Theft of vehicles (allegedly at this point)
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Charging Victims

Now the BobbleHead Council wants to remove an ordinance that was passed simply to target one outspoken tow truck operator, but is likely to impact any new towing contractor who picks up where LAG left off.

Council President Bill Barrett, who was behind the move to regulate the towers working in the city, said Sunday it’s time to put aside the “somewhat controversial ” law.

  • Controversial you say? Could it be because this law was only written for the purposes of impacting the business of one City Wide Tower?

“Right now, we think it’s best to remove it. It hasn’t been used,” Barrett said.

  • Humm,, could this pesky ordinance be in conflict with the planed gouging of your next towing pick?

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