Thursday, June 5, 2014

Critic Smeared by Trashy Rag

Warning to all you outspoken critics of the King, don’t so much as get a parking ticket or you'll windup explaining yourself in the new and improved Slimes Leader.   

The once proud, investigative, world class newspaper has resorted to supermarket tabloid style reporting, on a minor traffic violation of one of the king’s most outspoken critics.

According to the paper “Leighton critic Mark Robbins pleads guilty to minor hit-and-run”

NOT 100% accurate, and they know it!

Imagine if you will:

Scenario: You’re picking your car up from a repair garage, in the pouring rain, while pulling out of a tight parking spot, and you (accidently) rub into a car (not intending too, and not noticing) you drive home, and instead of the repair facility calling you to inform you, they call the cops, and a ticket is issued. Then the policeman calles you, gets your take on it, later calls you back a second time, and leaves you a message telling you that you did nothing illegal, but he must fine you.

See photos
Front end damage to Mark's Car

Where Mark rubbed bumper of second car

Keep in mind the damaged cars have been 100% repaired at Mr. Robbins expense, and after Robbins did plead guilty as instructed by the nice officer, his operator’s license was suspended do to being hit with double the points, because the incident involved 2 cars, Robbins got twice the points. So now Robbins is appealing the citation’s, and this is where and when the afore mentioned supermarket tabloid was spoon-feed the story, and being the good ole boy publication they are, they ran with it.

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  1. You might be overreacting a bit. The Times-Leader piece seemed pretty reasonable.

    1. So then you believe that if it were anyone else it also would have made the paper?????

    2. It wasn't "anyone else." That is precisely what made this a news story. Robbins is a public figure. He is being held to the same standard of scrutiny that he would expect the newspaper to hold someone like the mayor to.

    3. I must have missed the article where Robbins was an elected official. The fact is he is simply an outspoken person, who call the mayor the drunken thief he is.

    4. Robbins is a public figure of his own volition and should welcome the same scrutiny he expects from others. That's all.

    5. The fact remains that he is not an elected official, and let's face it the paper doesn't cover the mayor in the same manor it scrutinizes Robbins. This is a non story yet the paper did as the king demanded, period.

  2. Robbins needs to stay on his side of the river with his politics.We here in Wilkes Barre can take care of ourselfs .

    1. Because we've done such a good job of it thus far!


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