Thursday, May 22, 2014

King Lie-A-Ton’s emails HACKED

I don’t know what worse, the fact that someone hacked the city emails or that the emails show Leighton and one of his buddies, discussing how the Mayor will use his ‘pull’ to get his buddy’s daughter a free ride through medical school.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I never doubted that the King does things he shouldn’t for those he owes favors to but come on already.

At what point is enough too much, what kind of city do we live in, where a hacker can't hack into a city and find respectable city business and not emails full of bribes and favors?

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  1. in the future if your going to break the law to exposing things. just send all your evidence to every news outlet, set up a fake facebook and put it out there to, send it to every blogger. then destroy your hard drive to make it harder for them to catch you.


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