Monday, May 19, 2014

Republicans Write In Summers

Attention Republicans in Pennsylvania’s 121st District, represented by Edwin A. "Eddie Day" Pashinski (Democrat) as the Republican Party has NO candidate and NO hope of removing Mr. Pashinski in favor of someone who will support HB76 The Real Property Tax Reform Act, I am asking all Republicans to write in Betsy Summers, the Libertarian who will be on the November Ballot seeking to unseat Mr. Pashinski.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why do I need to write Betsy in if she will appear on my Ballot in November anyway?

ANSWER: Simply, there are a LOT of straight party voters in PA, who just walk in and hit either the Democrat or Republican button and walk out. So by writing Betsy in now you actually stand the best chance of unseating Mr. Pashinski in November.

Fact: Pashinski has NEVER attempted to move 76 forward. In fact Pashinski has told bold faced lies with regard to 76. 

Fact: Summers has vowed to support 76, and be a steward of the taxpayers. 

The time to demand Real Reform is NOW! Find out more at

Think Summers

Wake Up Wilkes Barre
Pennsylvania’s 121st District

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