Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mayor phones a friend

According to today's Times Leader, King Lie-A-Ton said he called his buddy Leo of LAG Towing to help some poor lady who had NO money…. BUT let an 83 year old woman whose car was stolen, damaged, and then dropped at her door step, (by that very same slime ball) walk?

  • Does anyone smell that?

Leighton acknowledged he called Glodzik to help people having vehicle trouble, but the calls had nothing to do with city business. “This is me just driving down the street,” Leighton said.

  • So we are to believe that Lie-A-Ton is just driving down the street, and happens upon a damsel in distress. Well thank God chivalry's not dead….

Leighton promised to continue to make such calls even when he’s no longer mayor. “It’s just common courtesy,” he said.

  • Didn’t we hear something like that from former council, trip-taker, skip-town Tony Thomas?

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