Friday, October 26, 2012

The Money you could be saving without Tom

Please note these figures don’t include trimming of the wasteful do nothings at City Hall, such as the King’s mouth piece, or the overpaid double dippers who receive paychecks from both The City, and The Housing Authority!

Council Medical Insurance                        $718.00
Council Medical Insurance former     $4,872.00
Council Medical Insurance Buyouts  $9,120.00
Council Life Insurance                                $471.00
Council Life Insurance former                 $186.00
Council Advertising                                   $1,000.00
City Council Travel                                  $10,000.00
City Council League of cities                $20,813.00
St Patrick’s Parade                                   $30,000.00
2nd Attorney                                                $47,000.00
West Law (don’t lawyers have this)     $8,670.00
Deputy Do Nothing or Chief ONLY 1  $78,000.00
Barricades Hotel Sterling                      $60,000.00
Street Sweeping (NOT DONE)             $643,650.00
Total                                                               $989,500.00

Is it just me or does it seem a bit crazy to pay an additional $30,813 in travel, for a part time council, especially considering no other 3rd class city in the state does this. Welcome to Crazy Town

At last night’s council meeting the room was jam packed with citizens grumbling about The King’s wasteful spending, and purposed tax, and fee hikes, but most important were the folks who simply couldn’t afford their homes now, and with the newly increased fees, and taxes were sure to lose them.

While they pleaded for their lives to The King they were meet with silence while he sat texting on his Taxpayer provided Smartphone

James Gallagher, who identified himself as a postal worker, said "If the mayor of this administration makes $80,000 a year and he's not willing to budge, then the taxpayers shouldn't be willing to budge,"

  • In other news: 
The annual Christmas parade in the downtown next month was in jeopardy, but thank goodness sponsors stepped forward to save the $1,000.00 budgeted parade. 

  • Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, administrative coordinator for the city, said the cost of the parade at less than $10,000.

Thanks Times Leader:
Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton watches a heckler
(ME, yelled stop the FREE GAS)
as he addresses a question during public comment Thursday.
Now I’m really confused. I know I’m a simpleton from T-Town, and all but why in the world would you budget only $1,000 for a parade that costs $10,000? Again is it just me or is this administration dumber then the voters of Wilkes Barre?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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