Thursday, October 25, 2012

Raise Taxes to keep Parade

It’s pretty clear what’s important to The King.

When it comes to cutting city services he doesn’t seem to hesitate, but ask him to give up his $30,000 drunken marching bash, and like the Leprechaun defending his pot of gold, The King adamantly defends this outrageous, lavish Irish bash.

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, administrative coordinator for the city, said “the $30,000 expense for the St. Patrick’s Day parade will remain”

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of a parade, but if the city can get the Christmas parade done for only $1,000 why is it that we the taxpayers must pay the kings fiddlers nearly $15,000 to march in the parade.

According to the Times Leader 
  • In 2011 the city paid pipe-and-drum and string bands a total of $14,800 to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, according to information obtained from the city. 
  • In 2010 it paid a total of $18,500
  • In 2009, $15,500. 
  • The three-year total amounted to $48,800

Bands  for Saint Patrick Day parades
  • 2011
Avalon String Band, Inc.                                             $6,000.00
Edw.P.Maloney Memorial Pipe Band-                   $1,200.00
Uptown String Band -                                                   $3,300.00
Penn-York Highlanders pipe and drum band - $1,500.00
Mary Lou Mehl- Pipe and Drum Band                    $1,000.00
Broome Co.Celtic Pipes & Drums -                            $  800.00
Greater Scranton Black Diamond pipe BAND    $1,000.00

Total = $ 14,800.00
  • 2010
The Avalon String Band, Inc.                                    $6,000.00
Edw.P.Maloney Memorial Pipe Band-                   $1,200.00
Uptown String Band                                                      $3,300.00
Penn York Highlanders Bagpipe Band-                $1,500.00
Mary Lou Mehl- Pipe and Drum Band                   $1,000.00
Hegeman String Band Inc.                                         $3,000.00
Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band                                     $2,500.00

Total = $ 18,500.00
  •  2009
The Avalon String Band, Inc.                                    $6,000.00
Penn York Highlanders Bagpipe Band-                $1,500.00
Mary Lou Mehl- Pipe and Drum Band                   $1,000.00
Edw.P.Maloney Memorial Pipe Band-                   $1,200.00
Hegeman String Band Inc.                                          $3,300.00
Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band                                      $2,500.00

Total = $ 15,500.00

Total for 3 years...$48,800.00!!!!!

$48,800 Just for Bands!

Talk about Pay 2 Play!

Is it me or would the parade be just as lovely having the area High School Bands march for FREE!

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  1. I wonder if some "skimming" was going on. Did each group get the Full Amount! Really?

  2. Check to make sure no one "skimmed" some money off the top of each group's price!

    1. Those number came from the paid items, so it looks like those are the actual checks written.


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