Friday, October 12, 2012

No Raise same as Cut, RIGHT?

Leighton said he would not reduce his salary, which is $79,911. “Well, technically, by not taking my pay raise that I’m entitled to and by showing leadership, I take a pay cut,” he said.

Question: Who said you’re entitled to a pay raise? Not the city charter, nor the administrative code. The only pay you’re entitled to is the salary set forth in the City Charter, administrative code, and any and all increases need to be approved by city council.

  • Wake Up Tommy, you don’t own the City the people do, and your steeling gas, security systems, giving suckholes $300 per hr has all taken its toll on the general fund, and now you want the unions to pay for your frivolous spending!

Mc-Laugh-lin even said administrative employees, including himself, are considering the furloughs. But Leighton stressed the importance for city hall to operate at full capacity.

"(Public works) may do the garbage and clean the streets, the firemen fight the fire, but without the administration being the core, they can't function," Leighton said.

  • Ya because Firemen wouldn't know that the burning building is the one that gets the water, or DPW employees wouldn't know to pick up the blue city bag filled with trash, without the Kings guidance. Good Job Your Lordship!

Linda Urban a frequent critic of the administration said “I believe Drew McLaughlin needs to be terminated. We do not need your services,” she said, adding City Administrator Marie McCormick can do his job as assistant to the mayor and McLaughlin’s pay can go toward another firefighter or police officer. Urban suggested getting rid of one of the two city attorneys and questioned what council members did to earn $350 a week. “If you want to save money, then you need to look at yourselves. Don’t look at the police. Don’t look at the fire. You are overpaid, spoiled, absolutely spoiled,” she said.

  • Oh Linda as much as I agree with you, it should be noted that our King is a bumbling idiot, and Drew as goofy as he is, is needed to help the King tie his shoes. In all seriousness I don’t know why a 3rd class city with a declining population needs a city spokesman, when the mayor of New York doesn’t need one.

Drew, like Linda said its time to go, teach Tommy how to talk, and ask uncle J.J. for a new assignment.

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  1. He has the tax money from the payback to the firemen,What is he going to do when it snows? he called in retired X-employees the last couple years because the full time city workers won't plow

  2. So what do we do? What can we do? The middle class will get punished by higher taxes. And the upper will be fine.
    We need new people to run our city. Its the American way. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
    Remember Of the people, By the people, And for the people!!!


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