Sunday, October 14, 2012

Investigation time, Council

Today the Citizens Voice Newspapers editorial board scolded our poor King for falling on hard times. 

Let’s get past the part where the Voice asked how much cash the city has on hand, and how much was actually needed by the end of year, and where the city slammed the door in the face of the Voice.

This is not the Kings fault, he only took as much gas, and other freebies as his, cars could hold at any given time. This in itself couldn’t possibly have contributed to the problems of a cash strapped city, could it?

When the newspaper went asking for the figures The King said NO! Now we all know that when any King says no that’s it RIGHT?

Not so fast, let's look back to when our King was only a bobblehead himself, and BTW not a very good one. Our current King then bobblehead launched not one but two investigations into an honest mayor only to find nothing. My point is that under the charter the council has such power, and as it would seem, either this council hasn’t a clue, or could care less.

  • Council shall have the power, by ordinance, to make or cause to be made, investigations, audits or studies of the affairs of the City and the conduct of any City department, office or agency.

Wake Up Council “Investigation time, come on, come on investigate, and have a good time”

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  1. One could hope Tony George would be the same thorne in this Mayors side as Leighton was in McGroarty's

    1. The difference is Tony will find something, if he looks, Leighton never did....


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