Saturday, October 27, 2012

An alcohol-fueled party?

In Today’s Citizens Voice, Christopher Hong reported that even though the city budgets $30,000 a year for the parade it costs much less.

  • Sounds a bit like backpedaling if you ask me.

City spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said the city also has a responsibility to support events that are popular with residents and generate revenue for local businesses.

  • So what happened to our Diamond Drop, New Years Eve celebration there Drew?

"It's a big business day for the city, but it's also an opportunity to showcase what the city has to offer," said McLaughlin, who refuted allegations by a concerned resident at the meeting that the parade centered around drinking. "It's good for the city, (and) by no means is it an alcohol-fueled party."

Ron Kamionka, owner of downtown businesses Mulligan's Irish Pub and Hardware Bar, also said the government shouldn't fund the parade, even though his businesses greatly benefit from it.

"It's one of our better days of the year," Kamionka said. "More importantly than the one day spike, it gets people (downtown) who don't normally come into the city."

  • So if the parade is "by no means an alcohol-fueled party" as Mc-Laugh-lin stated, then how is it that the two bars that serve absolutely NO FOOD, just drinks can state “It's one of our better days of the year”? Hummm!!

  • It’s OK Drew, we understand how you could get lost on this one, as The City is no good with tracking anything that’s FUELED!

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