Thursday, October 11, 2012

So Broke, So Fast?

We (The City) are at the point now that we are asking employees to take furloughs during the holiday season.

The King is saying, hey don’t worry about putting a turkey on your table or presents under the tree for your children. It’s crunch time, I squandered all the city’s money, and now if I declare distressed city status, I will go to jail, so bail me out, wont you?

Wake Up Your Lordship!

Your experienced leadership or lack there of, got us here, why should the employees help?

If you’ve been listening to the King over the past year, boast about our financial strength, and excellent credit rating, then your likely as confused as I am about how Cintax not paying $1.2 million could cause such a catastrophe.

Let’s look at some of the outrageous claims made either by the King or on his behalf in just the past year:

That Wilkes-Barre is on solid financial footing while other mid-sized cities such as Scranton and Harrisburg are struggling is a testament to Leighton's management skills.

Leighton, for his part, said "I'll run on my record," which includes a vastly improved city credit rating and a revitalized downtown.

Yet here we are asking the hardworking city employees to take the hit, while the mighty at City Hall who got us into this mess, sit comfortably.

Here’s a thought, Furlough City Hall!!

Wake The Flock Up Wilkes Barre

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