Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sure we knew Ken was stealing, says Mc-LOL

In today’s Times Leader, Terrie Morgan Besecker uncovered yet another case of theft by the city DPW Boss Ken Pahler. 

  • This time it’s theft of service, from the DPW garage. 

Sometime last year Ken used the city garage to perform work on his personal truck.

You may remember in 2010 Ken was suspended for using city equipment to do work at his home, and who could forget Gas Gate, and now theft of service, to top it all off. And the city’s response, “we knew”.

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, administrative coordinator for the city, confirmed Pahler was disciplined last year after evidence surfaced that he had used city employees to work on his truck at the DPW garage, Pahler said he did not recall being disciplined in relation to the truck last year.

  • Just a thought, if you were disciplined for something at work, I’m betting you’d remember, and it's not like Mc-Laugh-lin would make an untrue statement, RIGHT?

Pahler said “it could have been when it was damaged at the Murray complex or in the flood. … I don’t recall, honestly I don’t. So much has happened in the past few years.”

  • But remember Kenny, per Drew you were disciplined for this, so I’m betting it was not justified, nor would you have forgotten what work was done, had you actually been disciplined. 
  • Your RIGHT Ken, so much has happened, Theft of Gas, DA Investigation, State Investigation, and now this.

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