Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let the Blame Game Begin

According the Bill O’Boyle of the Times Leader, The proposed $45.7 million budget – up 2 percent over 2012

At a time when the city is broke the King, and his wasteful spending habits just don’t seem to quit.

Now when there is no hope of bouncing back from this financial nightmare the King is not accepting responsibility for anything, and is unwilling to take a pay cut himself. Making the charge that because he never took a pay raise (that by the way he isn't  entitled to), that was his contribution. The whole time attempting to use tax and fee increases, and a weapon to pit taxpayers, against union members.

It’s Cintax, and if not them it’s the labor unions. 

Well let’s ask ourselves a few questions

  • Who stole gas?
  • Who got FREE security systems?
  • Who gave away no bid contracts to the most expensive companies in exchange for campaign contributions?
  • Who hired their slimy buddies at hundreds of dollars per hour to do nothing?

That’s RIGHT none of that falls on the hardworking men & women who save our lives, and clean up our city, with extremely limited resources, I might add, as the king has either cut their resources to the bone or bought them shabby computers, and equipment, at twice the price.

This is nobody’s fault but The King’s. He looted the city, and you allowed it.

One of the city’s four labor unions is willing to make talk about concessions, but only if the others will also, and it just so happens that the one willing to talk is the one that represents the City Hall cronies.  

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