Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gas Gate Gone Wild

We all knew the King & Co. were stealing gas, but “Holy Gas Gate Batman”!

67,000 Gallons in just 2 years! 

That’s 33,500 Gallons per year, and the Shyster King has been King for 9 years now, so by that math, there could be an estimated 301,500 Gallons missing.

  • I say off with his head!

What has Gas Gate cost the City, you might be asking yourself.

Well assuming that Gas Gate isn’t a new concept, and looking at the Times Leaders coverage of the scandal, it’s a safe bet that it’s been ongoing since The King’s, been King.

Let’s look at the numbers, assuming that over the course of 9 years The King & Co siphoned an estimated 301,500 Gallons of gas, and according to the average price per gallon over the course of the last 9 year was about $2.99 per gallon, then were looking at roughly $901,485.00 plus fines of $26,000.

Mayor Stealing gas in Undershirt
  • Gas Gate, Grand total $927,485.00
  • WOW staggering! 

My only question:

  • Are you waking up yet?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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