Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So we are Broke!!!

As reported by Jerry Lynott, of The Times Leader: After the unions said NO! No we will not be cleaning up your mess yet again, the King claims to have a new plan he will unveil Monday!

Let’s look at the last few schemes he unveiled when he claimed to have something up his sleeve.

  • I Believe: A BIG waste of time, and money!
  • Parking Deal: This was the plan to bail the city out of the financial mess created by our Kings frivolous spending habits. Yet it caused the parking authority to lose over $300,000

Now on Monday the King will reveal his newest plan called “Screw the Taxpayers” he has been working diligently on this plan for the last eight years, squandering every last cent on his lavish lifestyle. Free Security Systems, Free Gas, No Bid Contracts, $300 per hr for suckholes, and this is only the short list.

This new plan is going to raise taxes, yet again, and allow the king to barrow even more money to avoid doing what a responsible city would do, and that’s declare distressed city status, and ask for help.

The problem with distressed city status is the state sends in an audit team who likely won’t take too kindly to missing, altered, stolen, eaten, destroyed, records.

It’s not bad enough that taxes have just about doubled under the Kings reign, but in all fairness so has the city’s debt, and if that weren’t bad enough, at a time when our finances can’t seem to get any worse, we add an addition $6 Million so that we can award a No Bid, 20 year contract for God know what.

In all fairness it truly is not The Kings fault we (The City) are in the mess were in. It’s your fault Wilkes Barre! It’s your fault, for either continuing to elect this DOLT because he’s a Democrat, or for not voting because you were too busy on Election Day. Well now Wake Up, and pay the price, either in your homeowner’s taxes, or in your rent!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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  1. What happened to the tax increase he got when he tried to screw the firemen? They got paid and we still didnt see anything back like he said


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