Saturday, October 6, 2012

No Victim, No Crime?

What was it like to be a “Black in the Old South?”

Just ask Anthony Gipson. He was at home in Wilkes-Barre on October 3rd studying for his college freshman classes when two cops approached him and cuffed him in his home. He was then taken to Magistrate Cronauer’s court where he was to have felony assault charges brought against him.

  • Magistrate Cronauer: Reduced the charges from Felony to Misdemeanor as he too knew this was bogus!

Somebody tried to pin a New York address on him (equivalent to a flight risk). He was to be jailed.

SUMMARY: If Leighton had his druthers, he would have (out of the blue) taken Anthony Gipson’s freedom away (jail), would have falsely tagged him with felony assault charges, completely upended his world… 

  • All so he could intimidate a witness

This King is beyond mean

Why did this happen?

  • Was it because Anthony (who is black) assaulted someone? No. That never happened.
  • Was it because he is the son of a very good witness (Delores Gipson) against the Leigton/Dessoye/Glodzik “cars for cash” scam? BINGO! Intimidation!
  • So why isn’t he in prison? Because the two police men handling him and Rick Cronauer used very good discretion. The police themselves after a while said, “These charges are total bullshit.” (They will probably get in trouble for this).
  • Cronauer dropped the charges to a “Misdemeanor 1.” He didn’t jail Anthony. He let him go with unsecured bond. Thank God for the judgment of these folks.
  • These charges had to come from the top. 

1) The alleged assault dates back to a college party 4 months ago. Yes… four months ago!
2) There were about 60 people at the party. Anthony is the ONLY one charged… despite getting his nose broken.
3) There is no police report
4) There is no hospital report
5) We don’t even know who the alleged victim is!!
6) There is no commentary/verbiage anywhere stating what happened.
7) The police weren’t even given the correct date of this party.
8) The complaint was “drummed up” on September 26… after the date that Delores Gipson appeared as a legitimate witness to LAG’s (alleged) car theft ring.
9) It is Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs Anthony S. Gipson? 
  • Who is the plaintiff? 
  • The victim?
10) Anthony was given three business days to prepare for the hearing. Three days!! 
  • Arrested, and arranged on Wednesday, Oct 03, 2012, and set for Preliminary Hearing on Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012, following the Monday Holiday. 
  • Now who ever said the wheels of justice move slowly in Luzerne County, obviously never pissed off the King!
11) A New York address was thrown into the mix surely so he would be imprisoned.
12) The police first showed up at Delores Gipson’s home… Most likely to increase the intimidation factor.

  • Who waits FOUR months to file assault charges?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, and remember if you speak up, The King will get EVEN, with you or someone in your family!

Source: Written/Provided by Mark Robbins 

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