Thursday, July 31, 2014

Neyhard said something….

For those of you who haven’t a clue, The Wilkes-Barre Area School District voted 5-0 to end Service Electric Cable Televisions broadcast of sporting events at city schools, because broadcaster Rob Neyhard made statements about the rising crime in and around our city A YEAR AGO

Neyhard said “I wouldn’t want to send my kids to GAR, nor teach at GAR due to the crime in that area.”

It was true then, and true NOW!!! 

According the Citizens Voice the issue of halting SECTV’s broadcast of sporting events came after board member Dino Galella made the motion to authorize the football broadcasts. Denise Thomas responded with objections, noting comments that “chastised our kids on air” and spread “negativity.”

  • OK now I must admit that I’m just a simple blogger from T-Town here but telling the truth about rising crime in our city, and stating concerns for the safety of the students/teachers who attend one of our city schools hardly seems like “chastised our kids on air” and spread “negativity.”, but then again this is Wilkes-Barre, and anything you say can and will be spun against you.

What amazes me is that a district know for corruption, that is about to award a multi-billion dollar, new school contract to one of the King’s favorite campaign donors is all of a sudden so worried about its public image that it would resurrect comments from a YEAR AGO, and inaccurately spin them so they could justify punishing the very kids they claim to be representing. 

Seriously, who is punished by this action?
  • Rob Neyhard? NO!!! He did NOTHING wrong!
  • Service Electric Cable Television? NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT, it costs them more to air the game, as a public service than it’s worth I’ll bet!
  • The Kids? YOU BET!!! Without media exposure, there is less chance of talent scouts seeing them in action!
  • Their loved ones? FOR SURE!!! Grandma, Grandpa, who simply can’t get to the half-assed constructed stadium, and while I’m at it, why is that stadium so screwed up, you wonder? It’s because the board squandered the grants given to fund the TOTAL refit of the stadium, and lost part of the funding for not acting in a timely fashion.

But let’s not talk about real issues like corruption, nepotism, playing fast and loose with the taxpayers money, or the failing scores on the state standards, at a Wilkes-Barre Area School Board meeting, let’s instead dredge up nonsense from a YEAR AGO, and spin it so far from the truth that we can’t even remember who said what about whom. Yet we can certainly rest assured that someone MUST have said something, that was later spun into something that it was never intended to be, all in an effort to divert attention from the real issues.

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  1. Really? Rob Neyhard said something annoying?
    That's never happened before! (Cough!)
    Only for the last 37 years or so.
    Even so, the WBASB members look like self-righteous biddies. They are ridiculous!

    1. Exactly my point. These elected think they know everything, and most times wind up looking like to dopes they are without much effort.


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