Thursday, July 17, 2014

King's College Security Get Ready for SLUMBER

Word on the street is Wilkes Barre City Police Chief Gerard Dessoye is TWO SECONDS from landing the job of Head of Campus Security at King's College

After his tenure as Chief of WBPD, the city has seen skyrocketing crime rates, murders per capita among the HIGHEST in the nation, an unsolved crime statistic so high there isn't even a chart for which to track, and a police force that’s smeared by allegations of corruption.

Now if you’re a parent thinking about sending your child away to college take comfort in the fact that should something bad happen to your child, your new Head of Campus Security will not only NEVER solve the crime, but will more than likely move expeditiously to blame them, as we have seen oh so many times. Much like the rape of a young girl in Kirby Park the other day, where the Chief was quoted as saying “it’s in an area that people should be very cautious of”, referring to Kirby Park. 

After all who would think, that one could stroll through a city park, while talking on your cell phone, and not expect to be raped?

Don’t get me wrong, as a city resident I couldn’t be happier that Gerry is leaving the WBPD, and we could only hope that we get a new chief, who is truly concerned about public safety.

As for King’s, don’t expect much, he doesn’t deliver much, but then again I suspect you already know that, and it’s not like you’re not hiring him based on his experience, yet to repay his lordship for either past or future taxpayer funded gifts.  

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  1. "Murder rate per capita among HIGHEST in the nation" Where do you even get this from? Not saying that crime hasn't become a major problem but these "facts" are laughable. Maybe our police force is smeared with allegations because people like you are the ones doing the smearing! Then you try to flip the Chief's warning of "be very cautious" to him blaming a rape victim for being raped? If Wilkes-Barre's murder rate is so high and crime is so bad, then why would parents even think about King's in the first place? Do you ever take the time to sit down and actually read what you write?

    1. Boy you Liars really know how to SPIN the truth, "people like you are the ones doing the smearing" FACT I nor any of our writers forced any WBPD officer to accept bribe/loaner cars (for years on end), they did that all on their own, and now it's become a federal investigation, NOT MY FAULT. As for the King's issue, parents from IDK CT had/have NO IDEA who the thief of police is or how corrupt King's or W-B is, but now when they use the most popular search engine in the world, searching keywords (King's Collage) WUWB is listed on page one, so should King's actually hire our Thief of Police, parents who conduct research will have been warned. Again thanks for reading the most popular blog in our county. ENJOY :)-

    2. I didn't think it was necessary to add crime statistics to the blog, as I assumed our readers are townies and know what I'm talking about, but you reminded me that even dolts read WUWB with their city issued rose colored glasses on, and need that guidance, so per your request updated crime stats have been added to the above blog post. I hope this helps explain TRUTH to you, but knowing your profession as I do, I realize facts not necessarily facts to you.


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