Monday, July 7, 2014

Barney Farms Park ONLY?

You may recall last summer, Wake Up Wilkes Barre published “A Tale of Two Cities” pointing out that while the Barney Farms Park was beautifully landscaped and maintained, other parks in the city (where the common folk play) were NOT. After “A Tale of Two Cities” ran, folks spoke about it at council, and the King responded with “the summer help will be starting soon”.

Now enter the Times Leader TODAY: “Wilkes-Barre resident faults city for condition of tennis courts at park” where a city resident points out how the tennis courts at the Bog Park, near his home in Miners Mills, are and have been neglected for years, while the tennis courts at Barney Farms Park, literally in the Kings back yard are impeccably kept.

  • Well your lordship it’s JULY summer help has been on for some time?
courtesy of Times Leader, the Bog Park

courtesy of Times Leader, Barney Farms 

courtesy of Times Leader, the Bog Park

Now you could be one of those "Lie-A-Ton Suckholes" we hear tell about, who feels this is acceptable behavior, (and you know who you are), but for the other 39,000 people of our overgrown city, Wake Up Wilkes Barre will translate the city’s response to the Times Leader, so you can understand their true meaning. 

Referring to the forgotten tennis courts at the Bog, The city’s website still lists the courts as one of the park’s amenities that also include the playground, two baseball fields, a volleyball court and handball court.

  • So either we don’t update the city’s website or we’re just hoping nobody takes notice.

City spokeswoman Liza Prokop said that the city eliminated tennis courts in the past due to lack of use and maintenance costs.

  • OK so we “eliminated tennis courts” but didn't update the website. Humm, Lie much Liza?

“We are always addressing the conditions and use of our recreational parks and concentrate on those that are used more heavily,” Prokop said.

  • What Prokop meant to say here is, “We are always addressing the conditions of our recreational parks near the King’s residence and concentrate on those that are used by those that we feel matter,”

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