Thursday, July 17, 2014

Young Girl Raped in Kirby Park?

According to WBRE-TV a young girl was talking on her phone, and “got separated from her group”, when a man, described as skinny, blond hair, missing several teeth, with a noticeable scar from his ear to his shoulder, sexually assaulted her.

The news is reporting this as a “Sexual Assault”, as defined by Merriam-Webster:

  • Sexual Assault: “illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent” 
  • Rape “to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence”

Wilkes Barre Police Chief Gerard Dessoye said “it’s in an area that people should be very cautious of”

  • Be cautious? In a public park?

The clueless Chief also said “people think that because of its proximity to a city, they’re not a cautious”

  • WHAT??? Proximity? Hello Gerry, Kirby Park is IN THE CITY!
  • Word is Gerry would like to be the head of security at Kings College.. maybe they give him a map.

The good news in all this is the clueless Chief is finally beginning to admit that we have a problem, and like Mark Robbins has been telling him for years, admitting you have a problem is the only way to find a solution.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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