Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Part-Time King / Full-Time Realtor?

For those who didn’t know, former Wilkes Barre City Administrator, J.J. ($300 per Hr. Consultant Scammer) Murphy, was suing Radnor Township, for not hiring him. After all his (at the time) congressman-brother, Patrick Murphy, did call Radnor Township, and ask them nicely to hire his little brother. Wink, Wink…

Sad news for J.J., the jury was wise. He LOST!

But the most interesting part of the trial (for Wilkes Barre anyway) came about as J.J. provided sworn testimony.

The issue was also raised as to how much of a role Murphy played in fixing the problems of the City of Wilkes-Barre as opposed to what the elected mayor did.

Murphy said in testimony Tuesday that the mayor worked about three hours a day because he had a full time real estate business.
  • Ok we (the good honest Wilkes Barre folk) have known this fact for years, I’ve personally witnessed it, as did my wife, one weekday afternoon, in Hanover Twp. as the King tooled up to show our friend a listing, (when he should have been at city hall), but for J.J. Murphy to actually make it public record… WOW!

So now I wonder: If the King only works “three hours a day because he had a full time real estate business.”

  • Why would he need FREE city gas?
  • Or is he even deserving of said gas, only working “three hours a day”?

J.J. did try to clean up his statements in the cross examination on Wednesday,

Murphy, when asked about his statement on the mayors work habits, he said he meant that the mayor worked three hours a day in City Hall and then went out and conducted city business such as cutting ribbons.

  • Ribbon Cuttings???? WHAT???, How often do those come about in Wilkes Barre, but lets give J.J. the benefit of the doubt on this one, and say when and if they did pop up (when J.J. was still with the city), thinking back though, J.J. was there whenever cameras were rolling!!!

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  1. Also, "So rather than post a police officer at the home 24 hours a day, the city agreed to install the security system."
    It is NOT the duty of Police to protect ANYONE. This was a Supreme Court decision (making it THE LAW OF THE LAND in the U.S.) from the 1950's and upheld again in 2005. So his reason for getting the home alarm system is Bull.


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